Microorganism Motility Workshop
Tulane University
New Orleans, Louisiana
May 25-27, 2005

The workshop is a forum to discuss recent progress in experimental, theoretical and computational studies of the mechanics of microorganism motility. Topics include the motion of eucaryotic cilia and flagella, spirochetes, as well as other bacterial cells. This workshop is planned in connection with the NSF/NIH project on "Integrative Models of Microorganism Motility" NSF DMS 0201063.

List of participants

Workshop organizers:

Lisa Fauci (Tulane University)
Ricardo Cortez (Tulane University)
Robert Dillon (Washington State University)
Charlotte Omoto (Washington State University)
Stuart Goldstein (University of Minnesota)

All talks are held in Gibson Hall room 310.

09:00-09:45 Stuart Goldstein
The Motility of the Spirochete, Leptonema illni.
Charles Brokaw
Flagellar Simulations -- the untold stories.
Nyles W. Charon
Borrelia burgorferi motility and asymmetry during spirochete chemotaxis
09:45-10:30 Alexei Medovikov
Numerical Simulation of Spirochete Motility
Robert Dillon
A Microscale Model of Flagellar Motility
Charles Wolgemuth
Elasticity and the Shape and Motion of Bacteria
10:30-11:00 Coffee Coffee Coffee
11:00-11:45 Nicholas Darnton
The Role of Flagellar Polymorphism in Swimming and Swarming.
Nathan R. Hutchings
Quantitative Properties of Trypanosome Cell Motility.
Nick Cogan
Incorporating the biofilm/fluid interface into a comprehensive model of biofilm development.
12:00-02:00 Lunch Lunch Closing remarks
02:00-02:45 Charles B. Lindemann
Mechanical Considerations in Flagellar Beating
Charlotte Omoto
Twist in Axonemal Motion.
2:45-03:00 break break  
03:00-03:30 Ricardo Cortez
The Method of Regularized Stokeslets
Xingzhou Yang
An Integrative Model of Multiciliary Beating
03:30-04:15 Susan S. Suarez
Hyperactivated Motility in Mammalian Sperm.
John Kessler
Individual and Collective Dynamics of Swimming Bacteria
04:15-05:00 free-format discussion
free-format discussion
05:00-06:00 reception